What is this page?

This is my little home where I'm free to do whatever I like.
You can find various social links and other information on the things I host here.

Who am I?

A computer programmer hobbyist. A Minecraft Modder.
A Fullstack Developer.
I'm a Developer over at Akliz.
Though a majority of this site is built with legacy Apache and PHP code, new content is built with Spring Boot and React.

I love the color of a light, soft .pink. although my favorite color is .Indigo..

Current age: 26

I run a Discord Bot

A bot that actively watches for CurseForge Project Updates and posts to specified channels

You can add it to your own server here

Use the `.help` Command.


Maven ServerπŸŒ₯️ βœ“
Artifactor Build Serverβœ“
Curse Watcher Discord BotπŸŒ₯️ βœ“
Role Bearer Discord BotπŸŒ₯️ βœ“
Github Master Branch ProxyπŸŒ₯️ βœ“
Twilight Forest Dev Buildsβœ“
Twilight Forest Fabric Dev Buildsβœ“
Leo's MC Server Panelβœ“