What is this page?

This is my little home where I'm free to do whatever I like.
You can find various social links and other information on the things I host here.

Who am I?

A computer programmer hobbyist. A Minecraft Modder.
A Fullstack Developer.
Though this site is built with Apache and PHP (For now), I try to use Spring Boot and NextJS.
I'm a Developer over at Akliz.

I love the color of a light, soft .pink. although my favorite color is .Indigo..

Current age: 26

I run a Discord Bot

A bot that actively watches for CurseForge Project Updates and posts to specified channels

You can add it to your own server here

Use the `.help` Command.


Maven Serverβœ“
Artifactor Build Serverβœ“
Curse Watcher Discord Botβœ“
Role Bearer Discord Botβœ“
Twilight Forest Terraria Serverβœ“
Github Master Branch Proxyβœ“
Twilight Forest Dev Buildsβœ“
Twilight Forest Fabric Dev Buildsβœ“
Leo's MC Server Panelβœ“